Friday, April 30, 2010

Bead Felted Cancer Awareness Bag

Breast Cancer Purse

Breast Cancer Purse, originally uploaded by devinf.

Photographer's note:

"Hand needle felted flowers
Still need to attach"

light pink beret

light pink beret, originally uploaded by freeform by prudence.
Just one more. . . these projects are quite lovely. Visit by clicking the photographer's link to see more. Very worth it~

"Another finished freeform item, ready for the auction in February, to raise money for breast cancer research - see or for details"

Pink Project Collar

collar, originally uploaded by freeform by prudence.
Photo note:

"Another finished freeform item, ready for the auction in February, to raise money for breast cancer research - see or for details"

Pink Project hat

Pink Project hat, originally uploaded by freeform by prudence.
Photo note and link:

"Another finished freeform item, ready for the auction in February, to raise money for breast cancer research - see or for details"

Flowers For Sarah 001

Flowers fro Sarah 001, originally uploaded by fullbodiedwoman.

Photographer's note:

"These are crochet pink flowers destined to be part of a kntited and crocheted bouquet in honour of Sarah one of the founder members of our Knit Club the Knitting Noras of Bolton UK who sadly passed away recently.The bouquet will be mostly pinks because she was battling breast cancer when she passed."

Ann Marie Stockings

Photographer's note:

"In association with Lorna's Lace this pattern is free to download and designed by Erssie Major to use with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi from which 20% of profits from sales will be donated to women's cancer charities

Go here for free pattern download

Model: Jennifer Gwiazdowski
Photography by Stevie Savage/Raid Zero
Knitter & Tech editor: Abi Flynn/Noblin Knits

Knit Bits

Knit Bits, originally uploaded by helloterrio.
I posted this once before, but these knitted boobs are great.

Photo note:

"A friend and I knitted prosthetic breasts for a breast cancer awareness benefit. All colors, shapes, and sizes. See it on Ravelry"

Knit Blanket - Front

Knit Blanket - Front, originally uploaded by abbyhendricks.

Photo note:

"I made this for a silent auction. A friend is recovering from cancer and we are having a fundraiser to help with medical bills.

Dimensions are approx. 36 in x 48 in.
Cotton/wool blend yarn.
Knit in 3 panels.
Pattern from"

Back view: Sock it to Cancer

Back view: Sock it to Cancer, originally uploaded by rpepperpot.

Blue/Purple Puppet Critter for Spirit Jump

Photo note:

"Making puppets came about thanks to school homework projects my kids have had over the years. Where they have been assigned a writing project involving writing a play, making props and of course, making their puppets - then later performing it for the younger grades. Anyway.... My kids and I have had a lot of fun "perfecting" this project.

A collaborative work.

This puppet is going to a young man suffering from leukemia and yet who continues to mentor and work with children."

Braided Tie Booties

Braided Tie Booties, originally uploaded by choppedtomatoes.
Photo note:

"I bought a HUGE cone of teal cotton from Cancer Research Wales a while back, and 3 very time-consuming dishcloths later (with hardly a dent in the cone must I add), I had put it away in the cupboard and didn't want to look at it again! When my sister came to visit she brought along some of her yarn, and I 'inherited' a few balls of dark brown soft cotton... I loved the contrast between the two colours so I decided to knit them both together for these booties.

To fit baby of 0-3 months

1 colour double knitting weight yarn
1 fingering/baby weight yarn in a contrasting colour
1 pair of 3mm needles

20sts and 30 rows = 10cm square over stockinette (stocking) stitch using 3mm needles
k = knit
k2tog = knit the next 2 stitches together
m1 = make stitch by picking up yarn before next stitch and knitting into the back of made loop
p = purl
p2tog = purl next 2 stitches together
sl = slip next stitch
yo = yarn around needle

This pattern is available for free on my blog
You can also view pattern information and what other people have made with this pattern on Ravelry

Happy crabby

Happy crabby, originally uploaded by Eddy_G.

Too cute! "Knitted and stuffed. One happy crabby"

Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo African Square for Macmillan Comfort Blanket

Photo note:

"This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download
download now

In association with The Knitter magazine, the Macmillan foundation are asking knitters to knit up squares 8 inches x 8 inches to be sewn into comfort blankets.

Blankets that are donated to Macmillan will be used to support and raise awareness of the charity’s campaign to freeze out fuel poverty for cancer patients.

This square was specifically designed for this purpose and uses an African theme as inspiration and the symbol in the middle means Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo
Translated from Andinkra this symbol meansHelp Me, and Let me Help You
And the literal meaning of this is Strength through Unity, Co-operation and Mutual Benefit.

I entered this square into the design competition for The Knitter, and although it did not win a 1st or 2nd place, it was given its own special Highly Commended award for use of colour technique and vibrant design. The main purpose though, is to be able to share a chart with knitters.
For more information, see: "

Eco Friendly Sunset Cable Knit Hat

Photo note:

"A wool/soy blend. Colorful and warm for sure!

A portion of each sale is donated to the American Cancer Society"

Pink Scarf, August 2009

Pink Scarf, August 2009, originally uploaded by torsolady.

Photo note:

"The scarf is now 30 feet long."

Sweet Eleanor - 6 point star crown

Oh my - is this a gorgeous hat, or what?! I am a cable-lover through and through.

Here is the knitter's note and some links:

"Sweet Eleanor pattern by Wendy Neal
Two sizes: Child 16" finished, Adult 19" finished (shown here in adult size)
Written abbreviated instructions, fully charted
DK on size 8 needles
Intermediate level
All proceeds go to Dickson family to help with medical expenses for 2 yr. old Eleanor, who has cancer (Wilms' tumor) and is undergoing chemo for 8 mo. starting Jan. 2010."

Chemo Hat (Progress)

Chemo Hat (Progress), originally uploaded by Life's a Stitch.

Photo note:

"i wanted to have this done alot sooner but i am running slow on knitting right now. and i am just starting to get back into posting photos again."

fierce for nicole

fierce for nicole, originally uploaded by this chickadee.

Another example of compassionate knitters doing things for others~


"pattern: clothilde by knitting kninja

yarn: 4 skeins, marisol tupa (50% merino/50% silk)

needles: us 8

knit to be auctioned off to benefit the fiercegrrl fund...set up to raise money for nicole puzan, a 26 year old uninsured crafter undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.

see for more details."

Ocean View Striped Cotton Knit Hat

Another great hat, in a pretty variegated yarn.

Breast Cancer Charity Scarf (in progress)

Beautiful scarf~

This knitter tells us:

"Side project started today.

Breast Cancer Charity Scarf
Broomstick Lace Crochet; Ch 36 across
Yarn: Bernat Baby Sport (Bulk roll) 3 weight in Baby Pink Marble
Hook: US 4.25 (G)
Needle: US 15mm
Dimensions: width 8" aimed length 60"
View how-to videos here:

My local yarn store (Renaissance Yarns; has a weekly group which invites anyone to pop in and work on scarves which will be donated to patients of Breast Cancer. I saw this, and as I epically failed jumping in on the leprosy bandage charity drive (no one nearby sold the specified yarn..grrr), I knew I had to do it.

First, I had to obtain pink yarn. I am not a pink girl (secretly, mayhaps, but will never admit to it!). I had to find a relatively inexpensive yarn which was sturdy, low maintenance and soft. These concepts do not always coincide in yarn. Success: a large bundle of pink 'n white yarn procured, on sale no less. For a middle-of-the-road type of yarn, it's kinda fuzzy and soft to the touch, so I am happy with the product as it grows.

I did not want to do a basic scarf. While, yay I could perform 54953 DC's for the's a bit boring after row 10. I wanted to try the broomstick stitch which I saw on a video by Stitch Diva Studios for one of their patterns, so I decided to plunge forward and make the *entire* scarf in broomstick stitch (for practice) which turns out to be so easy. Plus, I mean, hey.. good karma to boot.

If you are interested in knitting pink scarves for the Breast Cancer charity purpose, can always contact Renaissance Yarns for more information..even mail those puppies in. It's for a great cause! Yarn type, shade of pink, and scarf style are entirely up to the knitter/crocheter.

(Side note: After looking at the picture I realized it looks like a fleet of pink yarn cheeze-its. XD)"

Kreftluer/Hats for Cancer patients

These hats are just great, and so vibrant.

Again, photo note:

"My friend Margot has a project going:

People knit hats for the cancer patients at SuS, here´s my contribution. Knitted with Kauni, NZ Lammeuld and handspun leftovers."

Kreftluer/Hats for Cancer patients

These hats are quite fabulous~

Photo note and link to blog:

"My friend Margot has a project going:

People knit hats for the cancer patients at SuS, here´s my contribution. Knitted with Kauni, NZ Lammeuld and handspun leftovers."

Knit for a cause scarf.

Knit for a cause scarf., originally uploaded by dashiell_family.

I'm now looking at knits created for and inspired by those who have cancer, or have loved ones who do, as do I.

Photo note:

"Started 11 Aug 2008 and completed 13 August 2008. First project ever knitted. "Knit for a cause" scarf."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

knitted art

knitted art, originally uploaded by terryhadalittlelamb.

Cool - is this on a bike rim? I like it!

Photo note:

Knitted Art "at The Ohio State Fair"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Knitting Art is always an Art

Knitting Art is always an Art, originally uploaded by sifis.

Love this - a fun piece~

Photo note: Created with - fun with your flickr

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alien Scarf

Alien Scarf, originally uploaded by Twitchy Knitter.
Photo note:

"Alien illusion scarf"

alien #1: an alien in the hand

This is so sweet!

Photo note:

"from Barbara Prime/Fuzzy Mitten pattern, one of the freebies off her blog. They're fast to make and I've got ten dozen people asking for them now.

I make them talk for my little girl and say things like "bedeep!" I mean... they're aliens.

alien #2 looks rather like this one except for blue antennae."

alien #4: yellow alien

alien #4: yellow alien, originally uploaded by Dana Seilhan.

"see alien #1 for full description. . ."

Okay, coming up!

Winner of our Knitted Alien Competition

Apparently (and I was living in a cave and didn't hear about this) there was a Knitted Alien Competition. Here is a quickie video and note about the winner:

"This is Swatchee, she is a scout alien from the planet Tenshen. The planet Ten-shen converts energy from knitted tension swatches into a life source for it's population. Sadly, owing to the popularity of free-forming and the reckless bravery of knitters who fail to knit a tension swatch, the creatures from Ten-shen are starting to die out.

Swatchee is tasked to use her many eyes to seek out tension swatches and transport the energy back to her planet. She is a good alien and a defender of her race.

Help Swatchee save her family by knitting a tension swatch for every project."

Swatchee was created by Sharon Newman from Bromley, Kent as part of the Knitted Alien competition at I Knit Day 2008.

Knitted aliens

Knitted aliens, originally uploaded by Cath in Dorset.
The first little knitted alien led to me search for others!

This photographer/knitter says these are "invaders from the planet Zog."

Little Knitted Alien

cindy 231/365, originally uploaded by Envisage 365.
This is adorable!

Photo note:

"cindy 231/365

I am finally over my sickness, but I have very little to show picture wise.
Here is a quick little alien I knit for protection. Actually I knit five of
them, they are really that easy!!"

War of the Roses shawlette

Back view. Really pretty!


"designed for Wabi Sabi Yarns Tallulah Sock in the Orchard colorway. Orchard will be available again this week.

Link to War of the Roses pattern designed by Debbie O'Neill."

War of the Roses shawlette

This shawlette is quite gorgeous!

Photo note and link:

"designed for Wabi Sabi Yarns Tallulah Sock in the Orchard colorway. Orchard will be available again this week.

Link to War of the Roses pattern designed by Debbie O'Neill."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Spring Socks

New Spring Socks, originally uploaded by trailerfullofpix.

Photo note:

"It was snowing in early April when I started knitting these. It took me forever to finish them, and spring took its own sweet time getting here. I think that the yarn is too busy for this pattern, but at least no one will ever find my mistakes in the lace.

Pattern: Hedera
Yarn: Knit Picks Dancing (with cat hair knit in)
Needles: size 1 (US) dps"

knitting with string

knitting with string, originally uploaded by gray la gran.

This one is quite beautiful.

Photo note:

"i am knitting the 'spring things shawl' by susan lawrence as a shop model for my LYS. i plan (again) on using beads instead of knitting the nupps.

the yarn is euroflax sport linen, on size 5 turbos."

… finger knit spring basket

Here's the knitter's process in making the basket. Very cool!

Again, blogged at imagine childhood

Finger Knit Spring Basket

Photo note:

Blogged at imagine childhood

Spring Black Hand Knit Capelet / Poncho / Shrug / Wrap / Bolero Light and Cozy

This knitter says:

"Spring Black Hand Knit Capelet / Poncho / Shrug / Wrap / Bolero Light and Cozy

available in my shop"

First Day of Spring - OOAK handknit designer handbag / purse in celery green

Oh my! Has it been a long time since I've posted anything, or what? I've been busy with poetry things, and the writing life, so I've been posting more to my Artist's Way blog.

Thinking about spring knitting, I found this wonderful bag! Here's what the photographer says about it:

First Day of Spring - OOAK handknit designer handbag / purse in celery green

This unique bag is a result of a very long knitting session. Each and every stitch has been carefuly hand crafted one by one with great care for details. The plaited pattern gives this bag an original 3D texture. The bag has a very practical cotton lining with a pocket for your bits and pieces. The wooden handle is very comfortable and smoothly finished. The bottom of the bag is reinforced to make it sturdy. Refreshing, delicate green hue makes this bag an excellent spring - summer accessory.

*`*I'm very proud to offer my original and fresh designs and patterns!*`*


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