Friday, April 30, 2010

Breast Cancer Charity Scarf (in progress)

Beautiful scarf~

This knitter tells us:

"Side project started today.

Breast Cancer Charity Scarf
Broomstick Lace Crochet; Ch 36 across
Yarn: Bernat Baby Sport (Bulk roll) 3 weight in Baby Pink Marble
Hook: US 4.25 (G)
Needle: US 15mm
Dimensions: width 8" aimed length 60"
View how-to videos here:

My local yarn store (Renaissance Yarns; has a weekly group which invites anyone to pop in and work on scarves which will be donated to patients of Breast Cancer. I saw this, and as I epically failed jumping in on the leprosy bandage charity drive (no one nearby sold the specified yarn..grrr), I knew I had to do it.

First, I had to obtain pink yarn. I am not a pink girl (secretly, mayhaps, but will never admit to it!). I had to find a relatively inexpensive yarn which was sturdy, low maintenance and soft. These concepts do not always coincide in yarn. Success: a large bundle of pink 'n white yarn procured, on sale no less. For a middle-of-the-road type of yarn, it's kinda fuzzy and soft to the touch, so I am happy with the product as it grows.

I did not want to do a basic scarf. While, yay I could perform 54953 DC's for the's a bit boring after row 10. I wanted to try the broomstick stitch which I saw on a video by Stitch Diva Studios for one of their patterns, so I decided to plunge forward and make the *entire* scarf in broomstick stitch (for practice) which turns out to be so easy. Plus, I mean, hey.. good karma to boot.

If you are interested in knitting pink scarves for the Breast Cancer charity purpose, can always contact Renaissance Yarns for more information..even mail those puppies in. It's for a great cause! Yarn type, shade of pink, and scarf style are entirely up to the knitter/crocheter.

(Side note: After looking at the picture I realized it looks like a fleet of pink yarn cheeze-its. XD)"

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