Friday, April 30, 2010

Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo African Square for Macmillan Comfort Blanket

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In association with The Knitter magazine, the Macmillan foundation are asking knitters to knit up squares 8 inches x 8 inches to be sewn into comfort blankets.

Blankets that are donated to Macmillan will be used to support and raise awareness of the charity’s campaign to freeze out fuel poverty for cancer patients.

This square was specifically designed for this purpose and uses an African theme as inspiration and the symbol in the middle means Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo
Translated from Andinkra this symbol meansHelp Me, and Let me Help You
And the literal meaning of this is Strength through Unity, Co-operation and Mutual Benefit.

I entered this square into the design competition for The Knitter, and although it did not win a 1st or 2nd place, it was given its own special Highly Commended award for use of colour technique and vibrant design. The main purpose though, is to be able to share a chart with knitters.
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