Monday, February 20, 2012

Knitting Daily TV Episode 802's Getting Started Knitting, Sponsored by W...

I love hats, and have made many in the past few years. 

Just saw this today, with a video from Knitting Daily.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Russ's Cabled Scarf

Russ's Cabled Scarf, originally uploaded by clellybobus.

This deep purple scarf is terrific. Gorgeous cable design at each end. Here's the note the knitter attached to her photo:

Via Flickr:
I love this cable pattern from Encyclopedia of Knitting.

Twist & Cable Knit Scarf - Merino Wool Blend

I love this one! This knitter did a beautiful job with the cable design, and the button addition is a nice touch. Can you imagine this one for Valentine's Day?

Via Flickr:
an original design by Elena Rosenberg / Tickled Pink Knits

Red Cable Scarf

Red Cable Scarf, originally uploaded by ms_shelleybean.

Lovely in red:

Via Flickr:
Mulberry Merino Cable Knit Scarf

Cable-Knit Scarf

Cable-Knit Scarf, originally uploaded by knitstina.

Here's another pretty scarf, again with cables and moss, seed, or double moss stitch inside the cable, and on the edges.

This knitter tell us:

Via Flickr:
Lion Brand Yarn Cable Knit Scarf knit in Thick & Quick in Fisherman

Cable Knit Scarf

Cable Knit Scarf, originally uploaded by KnitStorm.

Here's another cable knit scarf, in a wonderful royal blue. This knitter tells us:

Via Flickr:
I am going to write up the pattern for this scarf soon for anyone that is interested. Favorite this photo and check back for a link to the free knitting pattern :)

I blogged about this scarf here:

Fiona's scarf, showing both cabled sides

Here's another view, maybe with better detail~

Do you have a favorite cable knit scarf pattern?  If you like to share, I'd love to see it, and feature it here.

It's Been a Long Long Time

Wow.  I have been away from my little blogs for quite some time.  It's been a busy time for me~  I've been taking lots of photos, and really enjoying my relatively new camera.  Been glad to have a "real" camera in hand again since my old film SLRs are now outdated.  Happily, I can still use my old lenses on the new one. 

I'll ease back into the swing of things with a new project I completed.  My daughter is in her second year at the University, and she wanted a white cable-knit scarf.  Visiting a yarn shop I used to work in years ago, I happened upon a scarf that looked just right.  It is cabled on both sides, and simple to do.  I added a 3" fringe to finish it off, as per my daughter's request. It is now mailed off, and being used!

Here are some photos:

Just getting started.  Worsted weight yarn, 6 stitch cables every 10 rows, 6 purl stitches in between.

Don't you just love to stop every few inches and admire your progress?

One skein done!   
This shows the cables on the other side.  I staggered the cables on the other side, starting 5 rows after I cabled the first side.  That way, every 5 rows I'm cabling.  Make sense?  

Without fringe, the scarf measures 74".
A fun and easy project!

Sunday, July 31, 2011


button, originally uploaded by darktrico.

Gorgeous detail~

Photographer's note:

Via Flickr:
pattern from japanese book, with many modifications
yarn : bouton d'or Gaia (wool dyed with plants)

Pakucho Organic Cotton

Pakucho Organic Cotton, originally uploaded by One_Morganic.

Beautiful colors~

Photographer's note:

Via Flickr:
Supersoft Naturally Coloured Cotton yarn
Approx 10 ply or worsted weight

Felt Hanging Vase

Felt Hanging Vase, originally uploaded by natsuko.m.

Natural fiber as art~


natural, originally uploaded by carriestrine.

Definitely worth checking out. See note below:

Via Flickr:
Please see my profile for more info!

Gathered Cardi WIP

Gathered Cardi WIP, originally uploaded by honeypoo.

This little cardigan is quite sweet~

Photo note:

Via Flickr:
Pattern: Gathered Cardi from Knit.1 Spring/Summer 2008
Yarn: 8 hanks of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale
Needles: US 7

I'm finally done with the body! The seed stitch bottom border felt like it took FOREVER! It looks cute so far, but I don't know if I could sit through that much seed stitch ever again.

Natural - cotton handknit scarf

Pretty. I love the photographic detail, each fiber called to attention.

Knitter's note:

Via Flickr:
A loose-knit cotton scarf in soft natural coloured yarn. Perfect for accessorising your summer outfits.. combines beautifully with white, khaki, neutrals, linens or denim.

Measurements: 15cm wide by 2m long(approx.)
Fibre Content: 56% cotton, 37% viscose, 7% polyester
Care Instructions: hand wash, do not iron

Hand Knit Wool Scarflette - Ribbed

Thick and inviting - the natural knit scarf.

Knitting Project

Knitting Project, originally uploaded by bloodroot.

This knitter tells us:

Via Flickr:
Here's what I've mostly been working on lately-- a houndstooth pattern scarf made from organic cotton. I ordered the pakucho stuff from elann and it's awesome! Though it's not as soft as I expected, it has a nice feel and I really like all the history behind it. Plus you can get really nice colors but they're all undyed! Whee!


Natural, originally uploaded by ZanyShani.

There is nothing like a natural yarn. The possibilities are endless. . . and any pattern knit in a natural yarn seems to pop.

Photographer's note:

Via Flickr:
Malabrigo merino worsted purchased at Stitches East from Webs

natural knit

natural knit, originally uploaded by sexyhandmade.

Today I'm looking for anything that qualifies as a "natural knit." Could be yarn, color, organic fibers. . .

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tri color Blue Red and White charms, July limited edition

Very cool. Knitter's note:

Via Flickr:
A 1.6"(4cm) crocheted tri color flower to celebrate July's many events, amongst 4th of July and the tour de france.

When purchasing this charm please let me know which of the 3 you would like to have.

It comes on a sterling silver chain length is 12"(42cm), but can be adjusted to your preferences.

The sunflowers are made in a rare technique using a tiny crochet hook. Check my tutorials section if you want to learn how to create it yourself.

patriotic bracelet

patriotic bracelet, originally uploaded by SevenSails.etsy.

What a fun idea! Knitted bracelet for the 4th of July. Braided icord~


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