Friday, July 30, 2010

The Knit Kit

The Knit Kit, originally uploaded by MyJewelThief.
Just found this - cool!

Photo note:


$19.99 at The Swiss army knife for Knittters. All your knitting notions in one place! Tired of searching in your knitting bag or purse for all the items you need for knitting? Then The Knit Kit is your perfect solution! This kit includes a tape measure, stitch counter, thread cutter, scissors, crochet hook, stitch holders and tip protectors all on one compact device (the new blue kit includes a darning needle and the crochet hook is double sided!). No need to continually buy various accessories when you can have it all in one. Great for traveling by car or plane. Dimensions 4 3/4" X 3 1/2" X 5/8". Whether you are at home or traveling by airplane, train or automobile, you will never lose your knit knacks again!"

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Knit Boucle Scarf

Knit Boucle Scarf, originally uploaded by Buckster's Pics.

I was captivated by this photo for it's composition and riot of color. Beautiful work~


Cauldron, originally uploaded by Su sann.

This is gorgeous on the bobbin!

From the same spinner:

"Polwarth in Cauldron from
Hello Yarn Fiber Club
2 oz spun, 2 more to go for a 2-ply

I did not finish it in time because I decided to make a 25k bike ride instead of sitting at the spinning wheel."

Sounds good to me! One can always come back to the wheel.

Tour de Fleece 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010, originally uploaded by Su sann.

These are gorgeous! I have a Lendrum wheel which i love, as it's a double treadle, and it exercises my shins as I spin.

Photographer's note:

"This is my complete output during Tour de Fleece 2010! It was more than ever dreamed of spinning in 3 weeks."

Nice work!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ktog= knit together

ktog= knit together, originally uploaded by goshdarnknit.

Photographer's note:

"my latest series of knit paintings!

On exhibit at Artomatic until June 15th. You'll find them on the 7th floor, right when you exit the elevators, walk towards the metro side windows. 7 SE C5

Visit for hours and directions. Thanks!"

Knit Snitch

Knit Snitch, originally uploaded by goshdarnknit.
This is cool!

Photographer's note:

" newest work!
A few weeks ago at the Summit of Awesome, the very lovely Jenny Hart taught
me how to embroider! I knew it was going to find it's way into my artwork,
but didn't know it would be so quickly. Yes, I've quickly become very
obsessed with embroidering. Everything. I've combined some knitting, painting, stitching and more in this tiny piece.

The details:
Title: Knit Snitch
[Be careful what you say around this little girl, she records everything in
her knitting]
Size: It's tiny: 3"x4"

Want to see it?
Tonight, May 15, at Civilian Art Project
Affordable Art Show + dance party to celebrate birthdays [Heather Goss + Jayme
opens 9pm
For more details, please click here."


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