Thursday, December 17, 2009

Inside The Knitted Gingerbread House At Sewing For Pleasure, NEC

Here's the inside. Every bit as amazing as the outside.


"Alison Murray's Knitted Gingerbread House Is Helping To Raise Money For Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Read the latest news at"

Knitted Gingerbread House (of course!)

Neat! I think there are photos of the inside, too. . .

Fresh knitted gingerbread

Fresh knitted gingerbread, originally uploaded by liteprnces.

These knitted gingerbread ornaments look good enough to eat!

Photo note:

"these are the kids christmas ornaments I made this year, knitted gingerbread boys and girls.
Berroco Ultra Alpaca and Crystal FX with scrap yarn for the face and buttons
I stuffed them and added a piece of fabric inside doused with gingerbread scented oil to make them smell like they came right out of the oven"

The Knitted Gingerbread House At Sewing For Pleasure, NEC

I wish I could have seen this knitted gingerbread house. It looks amazing.

Photographer's note:

"Alison Murray's Knitted Gingerbread House Is Helping To Raise Money For Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Read the latest news at"

The Gingerbread House project - window

How cool is this?!

Photographer's note:

"From The Gingerbread House - a knitted house made in aid of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, and North Devon Hospice. (Photographed at the ICHF Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts event in Brighton)"

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lonicera xylosteum ... Freeform Crochet Scarflette

And just one more. To see other designs she's made, please click on the photo. There are many other images, all of them just as captivating as this one is.

Her photo note:

"Please see our profile, thank you very much for your comments!!!"

Keep knitting and inspiring!

Chimerical Flowers ... Freeform Crochet Necklace

Here is a close-up of one of irregular expressions' neck pieces . . . isn't this fun? A riot of color, texture and textiles~

Elan ... Knitted Neckwarmer / Scarflette - Brown - Cream / Pink Flowers

This knitter has captivated me with her whimsical knitted neck warmers!

I love it when knitting goes beyond the normal knit and purl and into the realm of fun and fantastical. And, as all the photos from this knitter show, they all look great with this cute black scoop neck tee.

Nice work!!

So, What Are Poetry Mittens?

What's a poetry mitten?

This excerpt comes from the Knitting Daily site

In the January/February 2008 issue of PieceWork magazine, Veronica Patterson told us about a fascinating knitting tradition in early America: Women would choose a favorite poem, and knit the text into their mittens. There are several examples of these charming mittens in the Smithsonian, and so Veronica and Jane Fournier decided to knit up a modern version for the PieceWork audience. That mitten pattern made that issue one of our most popular back-issues ever.

That's when we decided to have the poetry contest, so we could have a pattern inspired by YOU.

Our newly updated pattern PDF contains the full instructions and charts for the 2008 PieceWork mittens, as well as an all-new chart for Anglea's winning poem-knit-into-mittens. We've also included Veronica's article on the history (and the mystery!) of poetry mittens, plus photos of everything because photos are the best part!"

* * *

To read more:

More Poetry Mittens!

SPdp, originally uploaded by stringplay.

"8/06: Dorothy Parker Poetry Mittens for Kelly's 21st Birthday; used 1995 Piecework magazine pattern for number of stitches; size 1 needles and Norwegian Rauma yarn from Arnhild's Studio in Iowa"

WIP: Hope Poetry gloves: Back

Photo note:

""Oh Wind, if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" - Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ode to the West Wind"


Poetry Mittens

Poetry Mitten Feb 2008

Another view of Poetry Mittens

Poetry Mitten

Poetry Mitten, originally uploaded by cherylefrancis.

How wonderful to carry a poem in (or on) your hands!

Poetry Mittens

DSC_3540, originally uploaded by ebbalisa.

Photo note:

"Mittens inspired from Poetry in Stitches by Solveig Hisdal."

These are so beautiful, the colors rich!

Latvian Mitten Stamp

Latvian Mitten Stamp, originally uploaded by PhoebeJ.

Beautiful! This knitter tells us:

"I read in Latvian Mittens just how important mittens are in Latvian culture. How brides need 120+ pairs of mittens to give away at their there are mitten folksongs and poetry, etc. Here's some evidence. They show mittens on their stamps!"

christmas red scarf

christmas red scarf, originally uploaded by wikstenmade.

Luxurious in red - great knitted scarf!

Photographer's note:

"wiksten holiday collection, dec. 10

merino + cashmere, handmade by me"

You did an awesome job! Cute photo, too.

Richard's Knitted Scarf

Richard's Knitted Scarf, originally uploaded by

Love it! Great man's scarf. Click the link to visit this knitter's site:

Knit Scarf

Knit Scarf, originally uploaded by Buckster's Pics.

So many scarf designs, so little time!

This knitter says:

"Once again, using up left over yarns, I knit up this scarf...I am liking it so much I think I just may keep this one for myself!"

Let's hear it for left-over bits of yarn! That's a whole 'nuther focus. . .

Funky Knit Scarf with Ruffle

Funky Knit Scarf with Ruffle, originally uploaded by IamSusie.

Photo note:

"I rarely photograph my knitting. This scarf is knit from hand spun yarn my mom gave me last Christmas. The cool weather inspired me to finish it. The ruffle is crochet in a contrasting hand spun yarn."

I'm glad you did take a photo - I love how this turned out!

Hand knitted scarf neck warmer for man women handspuned handpainted wool

Another variation from the same knitter. This time in a garter stitch, using variegated yarn.

Photo note:

"This super chunky and soft scarf neckwarmer was hand knit with a 100% wool yarn.
The nature of the stitch makes the yarn extra thick, so it will keep its wearer toasty warm and it is wool yarn super soft.
Width: 5.9"(15 cm.)
Length: 34"(87 cm.)
If you would like a different colour, or different style of button feel free to contact me with your choices and I can set up a reserved listing for you.
Material: 100% pure wool, ribbon
Cleaning: handwash in cool water and lay flat to dry."

Hand knitted scarf neck warmer for man women gray

I love this. I made a similar scarf for my daughter last year, and need to photograph it for the blog.

This knitter says:

"Hand knitted scarf neck warmer color blue-gray. It is attached with two buttons.
My clothes can be used directly on the skin, even those sensitive to wool, as it produces no itching or irritation.
Width: 5.9"(15 cm.)
Length: 28"(71 cm.)
50% wool, 50% acrylic

One of the things I like about this neck warmer is the moss stitch, which is so versatile, and can turn many yarns into something even more special. Not to mention how the work lies flat, which is nice for regular scarves as well.

Handknit Scarf with Knitting Needles

Very pretty! This knitter tells us:

"Blogged here

I am knitting this scarf with size 17 Brittany birch knitting needles. I love all of my fiberarts tools!"

Chevron Scarf knit with Socks That Rock

It's scarf season!

This knitter says:

"This has been a work in progress for quite a while. It's probably about 75% done now and I still love it. I just don't knit enough right now.

I was playing with the boyfriend's camera this afternoon and couldn't resist some knitting pictures in addition to the cookie pictures I was taking.

This scarf (in case you don't know) is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and is being knit with Socks That Rock mediumweight yarn in Farmhouse and Watermelon Tourmaline. It's awesome. The yarn, I mean. You would never guess that it's wool. Really."

christmas knitting 2006

Another view, and notes:

Calorimetry from Knitty for mom since she wears her hair back all the time."

christmas knitting 2006

This is such an interesting piece, I was curious to learn more.

Here are the notes and links to go with:

Calorimetry open so you can see the way the yarn all matches up. Knit in Patons SWS - a soy wool blend in the color natural earth. Took one skein with some left over because I wanted the pattern to match up."

another gift knit

another gift knit, originally uploaded by

This knitter has been busy, and what a gorgeous piece. Here are the notes to go with the photo:

"Project Specs
Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood
Pattern Source: BrooklynTweed and The Canadian Spool Cotton Company
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, 287g Pale Khaki (620 yds)
Needles: US 10 Denise circular needles
Finished Size: 41" in diameter at the widest points

This is another one of those gifts that I'm sad to have to part with! I definitely won't mind knitting one for myself someday though. :)"



Knit mini Christmas ornaments

Very cute. Again, knitted mini Christmas ornaments.

To learn more:

"I knit these ornaments for our Christmas tree. Blogged here"

Mini knitted cap, mini knitted mittens, mini knitted scarf ornaments

Merry christmas! Häid jõule! Kellemes ünnepeket!

These are so sweet! I love miniature knits, and bears are dear to my heart.

Here's the photo note:


These are just adorable~

Friday, November 20, 2009

The New Moon by Zora Bernice May Cross

The New Moon by Zora Bernice May Cross

The New Moon

What have you got in your knapsack fair,
White moon, bright moon, pearling the air,
Spinning your bobbins and fabrics free,
Fleet moon, sweet moon, in to the sea?
Turquoise and beryl and rings of gold,
Clear moon, dear moon, ne’er to be sold?
Roses and lilies, romance and love,
Still moon, chill moon, swinging above?
Slender your feet as a white birds throat,
High moon, shy moon, drifting your boat
Into the murk of the world awhile,
Slim moon, dim moon, adding a smile.
Tender your eyes as a maiden’s kiss,
Fine moon, wine moon, no one knows this,
Under the spell of your witchery,
Dream moon, cream moon, first he kissed me.

Zora Bernice May Cross

New Moon inspired Alice Cullen mitts.

Photo note:

"This is my replica of the mitts worn by Alice Cullen in the upcoming movie New Moon. The pattern is at for free by adnilamyrf.
This design is all about the yarn so I dyed it myself using Wilton cake dyes, vinegar and the microwave. Check out my project area on Ravelry for complete details of my process."

Friday, November 13, 2009

knitted cat toy

knitted cat toy, originally uploaded by wildjinjer.

I gotta make one.

Photographer's note:

"Yay! a crafty project that came out well!
I used Fuzzy Mitten's siamese cat pattern, with minor modifications (mostly, I did the ears differently than directed."

Knitted Cat Toy, Knitted Cat, Knitted Siamese Cat

Can you really knit next to a cat?

Photo note:

"Yes, I can. I have spent quite a bit of effort teaching our cats that my knitting is not a toy. Here I've put my knitting down next to Catrina, who has been sleeping at my feet on the couch."

I knit, cat sleeps

I knit, cat sleeps, originally uploaded by jjabie.

This is totally precious. I love it!

Photo note:

"my cat looking for a warm place to snuggle as I knit"

Knit Cat

Knit Cat, originally uploaded by freeerror.

Okay, this is too cute, too!

"Knit cat from the Moscow Fur fair."

Lucky and knitted cat

Lucky and knitted cat, originally uploaded by geolover.


Photo note:

"I finished the knitted cat today^^
Pattern from "Knitted Toys" by Zoe Meller"

Friday Funny

A good friend sent me this today. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Steeking the Aran Cardigan

Another steeking tutorial, this time on an Aran sweater.

Fairisle Knitting (video)

From Knitting Daily:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Hostess gift

Thanksgiving Hostess gift, originally uploaded by yelutci.

Another great, knitted idea!

Photo note:

"Recycled tin can (washed of course) filled with homemade snack mix, decorated with scrapbooking left-overs and topped with a hand knit dishcloth. Wrapped up with yarn scraps and topped with a vintage acorn button."

apples used to shape the drying felted bowls

If you're like me, you still have lots of apples left from the apple trees.

This knitter has put apples to another good use!

"a tutorial to be blogged at"

Snicket heel and toe

Snicket heel and toe, originally uploaded by haldechick.

Here's a detail. Click on the photo to see others.

Golden Snickets

Golden Snickets, originally uploaded by haldechick.

Love the pattern on these Fall color socks! Great honeycomb knit~

PumpkinCarving PumpkinHat

Check out this great Pumpkin hat!

Felted Thanksgiving Oven Mitt

Here's the yarn used. Again, the link from purl bee:

"Make your own! Find more info here:"

Felted Thanksgiving Oven Mitt

This is great!!

Photo note:

"Make your own! Find more info here:"

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail, originally uploaded by nattyknitsclare.

Love the tail~

Knitted turkey

Turkey 2

Turkey 2, originally uploaded by nattyknitsclare.

Cute! This knitter/photographer says:

"I didn't give him a waddle, although I could. Does he need one?"

Naw. . .

Thanksgiving and knitting 015

A knitter with one of my favorite colors knitted into a lace scarf. Gorgeous orange!

Thanksgiving decorations galore

Thanksgiving decorations galore, originally uploaded by hokiern.

This photographer says:

"All of these were knit by my mom and me on knifty knitter looms for fall decorations/fall festival fundraiser"

Thanksgiving Shawl

Thanksgiving Shawl, originally uploaded by barefootshepherdess.

So pretty! What a wonderful shawl to wear for Thanksgiving~

Lace knitted shawl detail.

Noe Knit Window Nov '06

Noe Knit Window Nov '06, originally uploaded by katbaro.

Knit your turkey this year!

Stuffed Turkey!

Stuffed Turkey!, originally uploaded by

An alternate to the usual bird for Thanksgiving~

Photo note:


Pattern: Turkey from Born in a Barn, Volume 4 from

I started this guy late yesterday afternoon and finished him up this morning. He's a special Thanksgiving surprise for Camdyn. I knit the head, body, and beak in the round and felted everything in the machine, which really sped the whole thing up!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! blogged


Knitted Pumpkin Patch

Knitted Pumpkin Patch, originally uploaded by sar_m.

It's been awhile since I've added anything, and with Fall in full swing, it's time for some fall knits.

I love these knitted pumpkins nestled in with real squash~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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