Sunday, July 31, 2011


button, originally uploaded by darktrico.

Gorgeous detail~

Photographer's note:

Via Flickr:
pattern from japanese book, with many modifications
yarn : bouton d'or Gaia (wool dyed with plants)

Pakucho Organic Cotton

Pakucho Organic Cotton, originally uploaded by One_Morganic.

Beautiful colors~

Photographer's note:

Via Flickr:
Supersoft Naturally Coloured Cotton yarn
Approx 10 ply or worsted weight

Felt Hanging Vase

Felt Hanging Vase, originally uploaded by natsuko.m.

Natural fiber as art~


natural, originally uploaded by carriestrine.

Definitely worth checking out. See note below:

Via Flickr:
Please see my profile for more info!

Gathered Cardi WIP

Gathered Cardi WIP, originally uploaded by honeypoo.

This little cardigan is quite sweet~

Photo note:

Via Flickr:
Pattern: Gathered Cardi from Knit.1 Spring/Summer 2008
Yarn: 8 hanks of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale
Needles: US 7

I'm finally done with the body! The seed stitch bottom border felt like it took FOREVER! It looks cute so far, but I don't know if I could sit through that much seed stitch ever again.

Natural - cotton handknit scarf

Pretty. I love the photographic detail, each fiber called to attention.

Knitter's note:

Via Flickr:
A loose-knit cotton scarf in soft natural coloured yarn. Perfect for accessorising your summer outfits.. combines beautifully with white, khaki, neutrals, linens or denim.

Measurements: 15cm wide by 2m long(approx.)
Fibre Content: 56% cotton, 37% viscose, 7% polyester
Care Instructions: hand wash, do not iron

Hand Knit Wool Scarflette - Ribbed

Thick and inviting - the natural knit scarf.

Knitting Project

Knitting Project, originally uploaded by bloodroot.

This knitter tells us:

Via Flickr:
Here's what I've mostly been working on lately-- a houndstooth pattern scarf made from organic cotton. I ordered the pakucho stuff from elann and it's awesome! Though it's not as soft as I expected, it has a nice feel and I really like all the history behind it. Plus you can get really nice colors but they're all undyed! Whee!


Natural, originally uploaded by ZanyShani.

There is nothing like a natural yarn. The possibilities are endless. . . and any pattern knit in a natural yarn seems to pop.

Photographer's note:

Via Flickr:
Malabrigo merino worsted purchased at Stitches East from Webs

natural knit

natural knit, originally uploaded by sexyhandmade.

Today I'm looking for anything that qualifies as a "natural knit." Could be yarn, color, organic fibers. . .

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tri color Blue Red and White charms, July limited edition

Very cool. Knitter's note:

Via Flickr:
A 1.6"(4cm) crocheted tri color flower to celebrate July's many events, amongst 4th of July and the tour de france.

When purchasing this charm please let me know which of the 3 you would like to have.

It comes on a sterling silver chain length is 12"(42cm), but can be adjusted to your preferences.

The sunflowers are made in a rare technique using a tiny crochet hook. Check my tutorials section if you want to learn how to create it yourself.

patriotic bracelet

patriotic bracelet, originally uploaded by SevenSails.etsy.

What a fun idea! Knitted bracelet for the 4th of July. Braided icord~

Dave Cole - The Knitting Machine

Love this! Photo note and link:

Via Flickr:
Dave Cole's "The Knitting Machine" presented at MASS MoCA on the 4th of July weekend, 2005. Courtesy of Dave Cole, photo by Arjen Noordeman.
Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting exhibit at the Museum of Art & Design

Happy 4th of July Knit Flag

Happy 4th of July Knit Flag, originally uploaded by pietrukb.

Fun knitted flag for the 4th of July~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Knitting Socks, a Poem

I found this poem on a website called The Great War~


The Boston Transcript reprinted the following poem in 1917, just as it appeared in that paper November 27, 1861.

CLICK, click! how the needles go
Through the busy fingers, to and fro--
With no bright colors of berlin wool,
Delicate hands today are full:
Only a yarn of deep, dull blue,
Socks for the feet of the brave and true.
Yet click, click, how the needles go,
'Tis a power within that nerves them so.
In the sunny hours of the bright spring day,
And still in the night time far away.
Maiden, mother, grandame sit
Earnest and thoughtful while they knit.
Many the silent prayers they pray,
Many the tear drops brushed away.
While busy on the needles go,
Widen and narrow, heel and toe.
The grandame thinks with a thrill of pride
How her mother knit and spun beside
For that patriot band in olden days
Who died the Stars and Stripes to raise--
Now she in turn knits for the brave
Who'd die that glorious flag to save.
She is glad, she says, ''the boys" have gone,
'Tis just as their grandfathers would have done.
But she heaves a sigh and the tears will start,
For "the boys" were the pride of grandame's heart.
The mother's look is calm and high,
God only hears her soul's deep cry--
In Freedom's name, at Freedom's call,
She gave her sons--in them her all.
The maiden's cheek wears a paler shade.
But the light in her eyes is undismayed.
Faith and hope give strength to her sight,
She sees a red dawn after the night.
Oh, soldiers brave, will it brighten the day,
And shorten the march on the weary way,
To know that at home the loving and true
Are knitting and hoping and praying for your
Soft are the voices when speaking your name,
Proud are their glories when hearing your fame.
And the gladdest hour in their lives will be
When they greet you after the victory.

Royal Roundup: Saturday Morning Cartoons

A friend of mine shared this link on Facebook - what fun! Now, you don't have to mourn the fact that you're busy and can't attend the Royal wedding, and can knit your own.  I love it!

funny wedding photos - royal wedding - knitting - kate middleton - Royal Roundup: Saturday Morning Cartoons
see more Wedinator

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hero of Canton

The Hero of Canton, originally uploaded by danregal.
Love this photo!

Featuring various knitted Jayne hats.

Title: Last of the Summer Hummocks; Artist: Kit Lane

Photo note:

Title: Last of the Summer Hummocks
Artist: Kit Lane
Size: 5.75”x4”
Medium: Wool, Beads, Mini Button, Embroidery Floss, Glass Eye, Pins

This tiniest of unsuspecting Jacabobs enjoys some last warm rays of summer sun perched atop a grassy green and mushroom clad Hummock of Strangeland.

On the surface a Hummock seems quite benign but lurking behind the pink and cheerful mushrooms is a deep and soulful eye. It might suggest that not everything is always as it first appears, that sometimes there’s more to a thing if one takes the time to really look, or we could make certain conclusions about a being that always prefers to look away from the world and gazing into dark corners while presenting a lovely flower laden smile to the audience. Or…it’s just a Jacabob and a strange eyeball. You choose :o)

This little world is quite sturdily made by the needle felting method which involves poking wispy wads of fleecy wool a bajillion times with a special barbed needle which tightens and knits the fibers together. With the exception of the Jacabob's little beady eyes and nose, nothing is sewn. Nested deeply in the heart of the Hummock, in the pit of its belly is a 100% wool chunklet from a world traveled and well loved sweater, felted and infused with a lifetime of stories from far away lands.

The whole kit-n-kaboodle measures 5.75" inches tall by 4" wide. (apx 14.6cm x 10.2cm)The 11 pink dress makers pins can be rearranged to suit your own design sense :o)

This artwork is part of Bear and Bird Gallery's "Small Stuff 3" Art exhibition in Lauderhill, Florida. Exhibition runs November 22, 2009 - January 9, 2010, for more information visit our website

coraline gloves

coraline gloves, originally uploaded by asacco9642.
Love the colors in these Coraline gloves~

Photo note:

"For Steve"

Comic Relief Knickers

Comic Relief Knickers, originally uploaded by WildCat Designs.

This knitter says:
"Stripy felted lambswool, frills and ribbon...what more could you ask for!"

Hand made knit Cthulhu hat

Hand made knit Cthulhu hat, originally uploaded by Roninspoon.

Very cool hat!

Comic-Con 2009 Day Two

Comic-Con 2009 Day Two, originally uploaded by whaleosaurus.

This wasn't in Seattle, I don't think. . . unless I missed it.

Photo note:

"San Diego Comic-Com 2009, Day Two"


knit ghost

knit ghost, originally uploaded by octopus_mountain.

Very sweet, for a little knitted ghost~

crafty wonder woman

crafty wonder woman, originally uploaded by stutefish.

Photo note:

"She hand-knit her whole costume! It was very impressive."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shenanigans 2

Shenanigans 2, originally uploaded by tod5cats.

Being a knitter has it's advantages. This kitten is just sweet!

Photo note:

"Dear Maw,

I'm bringing the Dubliners to Biddy McGraw's tonight for a pint. Join us please!
James Joyce

Shenanigan the st. paddy's day kittygram only at"

So, how cute is that?

Irish Knit Sweater2

Irish Knit Sweater2, originally uploaded by A Dozen Eggs1.

These Irish cable knit sweater cookies are so great! Love it!!


tams, originally uploaded by obsidiankitten.

Green is always in, as far as I'm concerned. These tams look great!

This knitter tells us:

"st. patrick's day tams knitted for my niece and sister-in-law"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine markers for knitting

Excellent idea. These Valentine stitch markers are so pretty. Beaded red hearts~

stuart socks gloves 057

stuart socks gloves 057, originally uploaded by gray la gran.

Pretty knitted Valentine socks!

Knitted Macbook sleeve

Knitted Macbook sleeve, originally uploaded by Martice.

This is such a cool idea! Or warm. . .

This knitter tells us:

"Handknitted Macbook sleeve :) Made by me! :)"

Ya done good - I'm inspired to make one for my daughter~


BOT LOVE , originally uploaded by toypincher.

Happy Valentines!!!

Valentine knitted hedgehogs

It gets even cuter! I love these knitted hedgehogs with hearts for eyes!

Knitter's note:

"Custom order for a lovely man from Italy."

Valentine Lover Mice

Valentine Lover Mice, originally uploaded by bluemoonart.

And while we're on the theme of mice, here is another sweet couple, just for Valentine's Day~

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, originally uploaded by oxfraudm.

Oh so cute - Two mice and a Valentine heart.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spider Silk Tapestry

This amazing tapestry was woven entirely from spider's silk. I just watched NOVA's new program, Making Stuff 'Stronger," and this segment was featured.

From the American Museum of Natural History's website:

'A spectacular and extremely rare textile, woven from golden-colored silk thread produced by more than one million spiders in Madagascar, goes on display Wednesday, September 23 in the Museum's Grand Gallery. This magnificent contemporary textile, measuring 11 feet by 4 feet, took four years to make using a painstaking technique developed more than 100 years ago.

This unique textile was created drawing on the legacy of a French missionary, Jacob Paul Camboué, who worked with spiders in Madagascar in the 1880s and 1890s. Camboué worked to collect and weave spider silk but with limited success, and no surviving textile is now known to exist. Previously, the only known spider-silk textile of note was exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900, and it was subsequently lost.

Producing the spider silk—the only example of its kind displayed anywhere in the world—involved the efforts of 70 people who collected spiders daily from webs on telephone wires, using long poles. These spiders were all collected during the rainy season (the only time when they produce silk) from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, and the surrounding countryside. These giant spider webs are a well-known feature of the capital, and frequently surprise international visitors. A dozen more people were needed to draw the silk from the spiders with hand-powered machines, with each spider producing about 80 feet of silk filament. This intricately-patterned spider silk features stylized birds and flowers and is based on a weaving tradition known as lamba Akotifahana from the highlands of Madagascar, an art reserved for the royal and upper classes of the Merina people (who are concentrated in the Central highlands). Silkworm silk has been used for a long period in Madagascar, however, there is no tradition of weaving spider silk in Madagascar. In this unique lamba cloth, the individual threads used for weaving are made by twisting 96 to 960 individual spider silk filaments together.'


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