Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Been a Long Long Time

Wow.  I have been away from my little blogs for quite some time.  It's been a busy time for me~  I've been taking lots of photos, and really enjoying my relatively new camera.  Been glad to have a "real" camera in hand again since my old film SLRs are now outdated.  Happily, I can still use my old lenses on the new one. 

I'll ease back into the swing of things with a new project I completed.  My daughter is in her second year at the University, and she wanted a white cable-knit scarf.  Visiting a yarn shop I used to work in years ago, I happened upon a scarf that looked just right.  It is cabled on both sides, and simple to do.  I added a 3" fringe to finish it off, as per my daughter's request. It is now mailed off, and being used!

Here are some photos:

Just getting started.  Worsted weight yarn, 6 stitch cables every 10 rows, 6 purl stitches in between.

Don't you just love to stop every few inches and admire your progress?

One skein done!   
This shows the cables on the other side.  I staggered the cables on the other side, starting 5 rows after I cabled the first side.  That way, every 5 rows I'm cabling.  Make sense?  

Without fringe, the scarf measures 74".
A fun and easy project!

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