Monday, April 19, 2010

Winner of our Knitted Alien Competition

Apparently (and I was living in a cave and didn't hear about this) there was a Knitted Alien Competition. Here is a quickie video and note about the winner:

"This is Swatchee, she is a scout alien from the planet Tenshen. The planet Ten-shen converts energy from knitted tension swatches into a life source for it's population. Sadly, owing to the popularity of free-forming and the reckless bravery of knitters who fail to knit a tension swatch, the creatures from Ten-shen are starting to die out.

Swatchee is tasked to use her many eyes to seek out tension swatches and transport the energy back to her planet. She is a good alien and a defender of her race.

Help Swatchee save her family by knitting a tension swatch for every project."

Swatchee was created by Sharon Newman from Bromley, Kent as part of the Knitted Alien competition at I Knit Day 2008.

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