Saturday, September 20, 2008

Irish Sheep

While in Ireland this past summer, I enjoyed taking a good many photos.  As is customary in many places, spray painting your sheep to keep track of them seems to be the thing to do.  I'm wondering about tie-dyed designs?  I wonder how the sheep feel about this?  I wonder how difficult it is to get the paint out?  


One day while traveling the countryside in the Connemara region, I stopped to take photos of a house with a thatched roof.  A man happened to be standing outside the neighboring house and, as is common in Ireland, we got to talking.  For quite a while.  As we talked several sheep darted around us and out of site.  I wonder where they went?


Some of my favorite knitting is Aran knitting, with its rich language of cables and texture stitches.  

For a nice description of the meaning of Aran stitches, check out this link:

In stitches,

The Knit Chick

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