Friday, September 26, 2008

Awesome Entrelac Socks

Entrelac Socks
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Here's another way you can use the Entrelac Stitch. Aren't these gorgeous? In two shades of blue, these great socks will warm your feet, and brighten your day.  Wear them with Birkenstocks, or other favorite sandals...

A few years ago I created a Christmas stocking for my daughter, now 16... wow. Times flies.  She was 2 when I gave this to her.  

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Here's a look at the cuff, which is done in Entrelac.  I used worsted weight wool primarily, and added Eyelash for pizzaz.  I played with two different shades of green to keep it interesting, and two or three different reds, sticking with one main worsted red to anchor it.

Thinking ahead to red and green,

The Knit Chick

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