Friday, February 27, 2009

Wedding Stole

Wedding Stole, originally uploaded by projektleiterin.

So pretty! And so delicate looking. Gorgeous~

Wedding Stole

Wedding Stole, originally uploaded by projektleiterin.

Another beautifully crafted stole.

wedding socks

wedding socks, originally uploaded by hitaatkiireet.


Photo note: Twinkleberry from

Tree of Life wedding afghan

I am in awe. This is simply amazing. Wow - someone is very, very lucky.

knitted bubbly

knitted bubbly, originally uploaded by Nina Pope.

What a riot!

"Lovely knitted bubbly."

wedding ring shawl detail 2

Somehow today I've gotten caught up in wedding knits. This is gorgeous!

Photo note:

"Working on the center portion of Sharon Miller's Wedding Ring Shawl. Knitting with Colourmart cashmere/silk blend on 2mm needles."

wedding rabbits

wedding rabbits, originally uploaded by torresmargaret1.

Very sweet~

Photo note:

"My friend knitted these rabbits as a wedding gift."

Confetti for knitted wedding

Confetti for knitted wedding, originally uploaded by dansette.

Knitted confetti - love it! Is that a drum?

Newlyweds emerge from knitted wedding

Here's another look at this knitted wedding. I love it!

Knitted wedding dress and train

Knitted wedding dress and train, originally uploaded by dansette.

Another amazing shot! And it's all knitted! Cool!

knitted wedding cake

knitted wedding cake, originally uploaded by adhdknitting.

Amazing! Right down to the roses...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow Queen in knitted skirt and cape

It snowed out there, again, and the kids are heading to school late. It seems winter is still working on us...

Photo note:

"Snow Queen inspired by the queen in Narnia. Knitted beaded skirt and cape, frosted paintwork on doll. Bead adornments."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Color in Knitting

If you're anything like me, you are easily drawn in by the colors of nature.  For me, each season has its beauty, winter not the least of these.

Right now as I look out my window, the sun is still caught in the trees, and there is frost on the ground.  The light is spreading to the tall dry grasses I still haven't cut back, and bathing the dew-wet limbs of the red-leafed maple so that they glow.  As the day
 begins to warm, there is a mist rising that also hold the light captive.  Lichen on bare branches is a vibrant green, and new growth a scintillating crimson. 

A friend of mine just sent me some photos via e-mail, and I found many of them to rouse my color energy in much the same way.  The photos are beautiful for their artistic merit, but are also a good source of color inspiration when choosing yarns for a new project.  

Here's a suggestion: start a journal.  Well, no - not just one.  If you're like me, you need a journal by the bed, one in your bag, in the glove compartment of your car, and anywhere else you frequent.  You don't want to be caught in a crucial moment without!  

In your journal(s) place photos you've collected or taken that inspire you, that sing to your heart in some inexplicable way.  Make sketches, however good or lacking they may be.  If you have only your blue or black pen with you, make note of the colors you see while you are out and about.  Write down your impressions.  

Who know?  You may even discover a liking for this journaling thing along the way.  

Now you have a handy reference for your projects.  Whether you're in the yarn store putting together a collection of yarns for that Kaffe Fassett or Alice Starmore sweater, or washing that fleece you just sheared or bought and are dreaming about dyes you will use to transform white and grey into new possibilities.  

As always, enjoy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Poems Yarn, and Patterns

I did a little more surfing, and found that there are also Poems patterns, as well as yarn.  (Silly me, I do seem to be living in a cave, as I'm not up on this!)

Here are a couple of examples of patterns available:

Poems Yarn

Poems Yarn, originally uploaded by radarkaty.

I've never seen this stuff! What a riot! And a great name... This speaks to me in more ways that one.

Yes, "beautiful yarn."

Quilt made by my Grandmother Reed using double knit from the 70's

Wow-- this makes me think of MoMA in New York... very cool.

Photo notes:

"The fabric in this quilt came from double knit that was left over from pant suites made for my grandmother, mother and me. This was in the mid 70's."

stained glass scarf - recycled

Very pretty, and a great use of little bits of colors!

Photo note:

"Newest scarf design. Fun colors and geometric shapes. 100% recycled yarn from forgotten sweaters."

alpaca jumper bag

alpaca jumper bag, originally uploaded by ruthsinger.

This knitter says,

"Little felt bag made from recycled hand-knit alpaca jumper"

Knitting card 2

Knitting card 2, originally uploaded by winemakerssister.

Neat idea! Here are the photographer's notes:

"Notecards made with recycled photos of yarn and knitting from knitting catalogs. The cards are paper patchwork -- machine sewing on paper.

Check out my profile to learn more about them."

Knitting recycled sari fabric

If for not other reason than its close-up and artistic look, this photo caught my eye.

Himalayan Recycled Silk Hand Bag

I am a color hound, and was always looking at my surrounding, planning my next color project, whether it was dyeing, knitting, spinning or sewing.

This handbag is vibrant with color. Here are the photographer's note:

"I hand knit this purse using recycled silk yarn. This yarn is made from the recycled ends that are cut off of saris during manufacturing."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flower Basket Handbag

Flower Basket Handbag, originally uploaded by FeltSewGood.

The possibilities are endless, and what a great way to get a jump on Spring.

Photo note:

"An early touch of Spring! This cute handbag with removeable flower pin was made from felted recycled wool sweaters."

Handbag made from recycled wool sweater (back)

Here's the other side~

Handbag made from recycled wool sweater (front)

For all you felters out there. This is cute.

Recycled handbag

Recycled handbag, originally uploaded by Jdf's pics.

Nice--very artsy.

Photo note:

"Made from panels of knitted plastic strips and the last remnants (sob) of some thin felt underlay from an ancient ironing board cover."

Handbag made from recycled wool sweater

This one is nice too, and I like the look of the yarn. Great style.

Recycled sweater handbag

Recycled sweater handbag, originally uploaded by sassycrafter.

Okay, this is cool! What a great new look for an old sweater or two!

Photographer's note:

"I call this the cheerleader handbag, since it looks like a cheerleader's skirt."

Black Felted Scarflette Made From Recycled Yarn

This one is just downright classy -

"Not too big and bulky, just right to keep you warm and easily stash in a purse or bag!

I used recycled yarn in this piece which I got from taking apart a black and white linen sweater. I mixed it by knitting with it at the same time as a 100% black wool, then felted it. The results turned out great! It's felted with bits of the black and white linen popping through. Plus the mix of linen keeps it from getting itchy. I also used a fuzzy black acrylic yarn on the end, which gives it a ruffle sort of look. A really unique silver button finishes off the piece.

This can be worn many different ways as the "ruffle" yarn is loosly knitted and the button can be buttoned anywhere on it. Wear it straight across or at an angle!
Check out my profile for more info."

beige recycled yarn gloves

beige recycled yarn gloves, originally uploaded by aSecondChance.

Need yarn? Have a sweater or two you don't wear anymore, but can't quite bear to get rid of?

There are many ways to make good use of those items again. This knitter shows us an example:

"beige recycled yarn gloves

Beige but not boring. Hand-knit fingerless gloves from recycled/reclaimed sweaters.

I salvage fun parts of the sweaters and then unravel the rest. This is made from yarn from a 100% cotton sweater. All pieces are original patterns knitted on my great grandma's needles."

Recycled Knitted Plastic Bag

Recycled Knitted Plastic Bag, originally uploaded by MonasMane.

In this crazy economy, recycling what we have makes sense - in every sense of the word.

From time to time I'll be adding things I've found that are innovative, cool, and totally usable, just for ideas, and to promote making the most of our resources.

Photo notes on this image:

"Recycled Knitted Plastic Bag

Go to for more information and details. Or e-mail me at "

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Front and Back Cable Sweater

Front and Back Cable Sweater, originally uploaded by small::bird.

I love the cable panel on this sweater! it is absolutely stunning.

Here are some photo notes for this one:

Based on a pattern from Gedifra Highlights 033, but knit top-down.

Another Knitting Poem

I’m starting my magnum opus: it will be
my memorial sweater.
I can’t see yet how it will end
but it starts with ribbing made of rain
on circular needles, so that the sleeves,
when they wear out, can be replaced
like choruses: Raglan cheers or batwing sighs,
depending on circumstance. I do know
I’ll have shoes for pockets, the soles worn out
from dancing, I hope, to inherited tunes
and some new. I’ll have a Hall of Fame:
a panel in Aran with cameos
of Milton, Herbert. I’d like a boat
in the story – if you can knit 
splicing comes easy – and a sea
of triple waves for voyages.
I’ll have a computer linked to the eyes
of Hawaiian telescopes, so I can view
the mottle of early nebulae
which will be a large feature of my work.
I’d like it to be a pleasure to wear,
not tight round the neck or under the arms.
I want Moorish whispering galleries
and orange groves, the breath of moss,
the occasional desert… I must start soon.
It’s cooling and, as evening comes on
terrified, I hear soft whirrs:
the pollen-heavy moths of time.
by Gwyneth Lewis

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Socks II

Valentine's Socks II, originally uploaded by kaarkaar.

Photographer's note:

Pattern: Jitterbug ballband pattern with Eye of Partridge heel
Needle: US 1 1/2
Size: Small
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, Fire 71

Tiny Goat

Tiny Goat, originally uploaded by Mochimochi Land.

More from the little heart knitter, Mochimochi Land. This is so darling!

Handful of Hearts

Handful of Hearts, originally uploaded by Mochimochi Land.

These are adorable, and I know that when I was a kid I would have carried them around with me for days.

The knitter tells us :
Free pattern on my blog!

knit one one window

knit one one window, originally uploaded by punk rawk purl.

This is so pretty... What a cute idea. Simply gorgeous colors~

Handmade 'I Love You' Valentines Scarf

This is very pretty, and I love the color!!!

Here are the photo notes:

Inspired by my lovely mum, this is a beautiful soft and cosy scarf.

The main body of the item is woven from double strand blush pink aran wool and the trimming is a combination of a slightly paler mohair and polyester acrylic mix in rosy pink and purple tones. Because of this, the part that touches your face is soft and warm, and not too woolly, especially suitable if you have sensitive or easily irritated skin.

This item measures 40" long and 7" wide - making it long enough to wind or tie around your neck, but neat enough to tuck inside your jacket or jumper.

for more info and to buy, please visit

Scoop this up for a bright and "pink-a-licious" addition to your winter wardrobe! This would make a perfect gift for that someone you love this Valentines day (especially your mum) :)"

Valentine garland

This is cool. Would look nice in a window, too. Hmmm....

The photographer tells us these are "knitted valentine neck garlands."

It looks great!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Special Machine Knitted Mouse

Something sweet for your sweeties...

Photo note:

"Machine knitted mouse. Made of a soft fluffy cotton yarn and merino yarn."

Pink Valentine Pocket Gnome

I swear, I'm in love. To have a little pocket gnome... all would be cozy and warm.

Photo note:

"Body is knit from 100% cotton yarn and stuffed with cleaned, carded wool. 9 inches from tip of hat to toe."

valentine stitch markers - Jan2007

Oh my--I love these!!! These would make using stitch markers so much more fun! Very beautiful~

Little Doggie Valentine

Little Doggie Valentine, originally uploaded by bluemoonart.


"Is it Puppy Love??" asks the photographer...

miss love bump

miss love bump, originally uploaded by melilab.

So sweet~ What little girl wouldn't love this... Heck, adults, too!

Here's what the photographer has to say:

"Miss love bump *hearts* her bump and she's wearing a mini woolen dress, trendy suede boots and a hat with heart-shaped earflaps.

She is my first amigurumi doll, made with lots of different yarns in red and pink, including wool, mohair, lurex, chenille... wearing a knitted dress and crocheted accessories.

This is a valentine's doll based on my sister-in-law who is also expecting :-) and it is a present for her."

Red Hot Valentine Cherrie Pie Winter Knit Scarf with Fringe

Rich, racy, red - in the mood!

Here are the notes from the knitter:

"A Hot Red knit scarf perfect for your Valentine's day to keep you warm and add the splash of red you were looking for. Measures at 68" long(not including fringe) and 7" wide to tie in many ways. Check profiles for the link:)"


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