Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Black Felted Scarflette Made From Recycled Yarn

This one is just downright classy -

"Not too big and bulky, just right to keep you warm and easily stash in a purse or bag!

I used recycled yarn in this piece which I got from taking apart a black and white linen sweater. I mixed it by knitting with it at the same time as a 100% black wool, then felted it. The results turned out great! It's felted with bits of the black and white linen popping through. Plus the mix of linen keeps it from getting itchy. I also used a fuzzy black acrylic yarn on the end, which gives it a ruffle sort of look. A really unique silver button finishes off the piece.

This can be worn many different ways as the "ruffle" yarn is loosly knitted and the button can be buttoned anywhere on it. Wear it straight across or at an angle!
Check out my profile for more info."

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