Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ms. Darcy's Knitted Valentines Day Cupcakes

These look great!  I just found this image, and couldn't resist sharing it.  Here are the photographer's notes:

Knitted Cupcakes, Price $19.00

“Artfully Knitted Cupcakes”
The Romance Series, 2007
Knit sculptures embellished with handmade sculpey conversation hearts

It takes one Happy Chick at, two sticks, lots of fuzzy multicolored ingredients, and approximately one day at a time for “Artfully Knitted Cupcakes” to spread joy to the world. A child once said to me, “Hearts mean love.” Well the Happy Chick at says, “Cupcakes mean love too.” Every time a cupcake is packaged off and sent out into the world ready to spread the love, my heart smiles knowing someone else thinks cupcakes are the cutest things ever too. My role is to keep on knitting, a pleasurable task, because there’s a need to create silly little objects. Since I began this crazy compulsion back in July, people often ask me, “Well, what do you do with them? What are they for?” My answer is often that they are really for me… as an artist I needed a way to create an object that was opposite my normal studio practice of painting. I am constantly looking for ways to investigate the nature of crafting and knitting as a higher art form and the cupcakes are a type of sculptural object that embodies this for me.

BUY These CUPCAKES NOW: at Darcy's Crossing

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