Wednesday, January 28, 2009

recycled sweater purse

recycled sweater purse, originally uploaded by aSecondChance.

Great idea! Nice finish/

Photo note:

"recycled sweater purse

"So I was taking apart this funky orange sweater from an estate sale... only to find that the front neck cable stitch wraps all the way around the collar and back again! Rare. So I started playing around and realized it would be a great purse.

The buttons are now sewn up the sides to prevent things from falling out... except for the top 2-3 buttons. They're functional in order to have the "across the chest" option when wearing it. Lined with recycled pants and/or shirts.

Hand-knit/hand-sewn scarf from recycled/reclaimed sweaters. I salvage fun parts of the sweaters and then unravel the rest. This is made from unraveled yarn from 4 sweaters. All pieces are original patterns knitted on my great grandma's needles."

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