Thursday, January 1, 2009

Also from Sweater Babe--

This is a gorgeous cabled vest--

Long Cabled Vest Sleeveless Cardigan Photo
Here's what they have to say on the site:

#71 Intricately Cabled Long Vest PDF Knitting Pattern

The best vest that you will ever knit. Superb detailing mixed with a sexily tailored shape. Notice the curved bottom front hem, the knit-in pockets, and the sensuous and intricate cable that dissolves into a simpler cable to help define the waist shaping. 
Then, there is the extended button-up collar, which can be worn out as shown, or buttoned up into a cozy turtleneck. The buttons reverse at the collar to show their best advantage. 

And last, but not least is the optional belt, knit wide to make a bold statement and finished with pretty horn-like double rings as the buckle.

This is one to make for yourself or for someone who is very deserving.

See it discussed on the Blog.

Here's the link to go there:

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fabulously said...

very good work. It looks like machinic work in first sight.This is realyy awesome. God Bless You


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