Monday, February 1, 2010

Betsey Johnson artyarn

Betsey Johnson artyarn, originally uploaded by coolclimates.

This is great!

Photo note:

"This is a yarn I spun for the Fiber Friday group on Ravelry. The theme this week was Betsey Johnson. Although I was not familiar with her stuff, I took a look at her website and was soon enthralled. I tried to capture a few of her key elements in my yarn: bold colors, flowers, polka dots, lace, roses… The fabric I used was actually purchased in an Indian neighborhood in Vancouver, Canada in 2002. The fibers include wool, merino, bamboo and mohair. The lace and beads have been laying in my storage boxes forever and I finally found a good use for them. Additionally, there are 10 satin roses, each sewn on to the yarn by hand. This was such a fun yarn to make!"

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