Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cozy - Cat in a Hand-Knit Scarf

Cozy (6/365), originally uploaded by Bonnie Matthews.

Oh my - this brings back memories of my sweet little Merlin (who really wasn't so little). His sister Minnie still sleeps under my daughter's blanket at times.

Photo note:

"Toby cuddled up in the latest scarf that I finished. Yes, apparently I'm still knitting scarves. I swear I'm going to try socks soon."

Sleepy Hand-Knitted Bear in a Bunny Suit

Sleepy bear, originally uploaded by scrapnchat.

Aw!!! I love the pink bunny suit this handknit bear is wearing! My grandmother would approve; she loved animal dolls, especially bears.

A very sleepy hand-made teddy bear

I love it!

Photo note:

"A very sleepy hand-made teddy bear"

It's a sleepy snake!

and viola! it's a sleepy snake!, originally uploaded by giolou.


Photo note:

"here he is!
i went out on a limb with those eyelids... i dunno if i'm proud or embarrassed... somewhere in between, maybe. i mean, they're ok. i guess.

test knitting the uber-clever Sleepy Snake & Mischievous Mouse, coming soon to"

Knitted sleepy cat

Knitted sleepy cat, originally uploaded by fifthyip.

I'm sleepy right now. So, what am I doing up still? Looking up sleepy knits!

This one is very sweet - little grey and black sleepy cat.

Sleepy time for Knit Picks

This is very cute. I look at my teenagers and remember the little sweaters I made for them. I still have them in my cedar chest.

Photo note:

"For Knit Picks catalog. Find all the detail on Ravelry."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comic Knitting

101308, originally uploaded by suxdonut.

Another good instructional knitting comic~

Prepare to Knit!

92608, originally uploaded by suxdonut.

Instructions in comic form. I like it!


comic_knitting, originally uploaded by 3girlymom.

Spinning Comic

Spinning Comic, originally uploaded by realknitfreak.

Here's one for you spinners:

"Hehe. A co-worker found this for me after seeing my knitting comic."

Pow! ( A Sweater)

Pow!, originally uploaded by Spinstah.

Photo note:

"I found this sweater that my Grandma Kate knit when I was a kid (either for me or my brother, usually we each got one) while I was home for Christmas."

I would *so* wear this!

"So you think you can knit?"

"So you think you can knit?", originally uploaded by TikkunKnits.

More knitting in the comics. . .

Comic Con 2008: Knit Wonder Woman

How cool is this?! I love it!

Questionable Content - Knitting Comic!

Photo note:

"A knitting comic from an awesome web comic strip. Find the original here:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Knitted Bloomers

bloomers, whole shebang, originally uploaded by anever.

Photo note:

"bloomers, whole shebang
If you think they're cute here, you should see them on"

Oldfashioned knit unmentionables

Oldfashioned knit unmentionables, originally uploaded by Vilman.

What fun! Here is the photo note:

"Pattern: Garnstudio's knit shorts with own modifications (knit in stockinette stitch, knit the legs longer, added the lace ruffles and satin ribbons), size L.
Yarn: Some terrible knotty yarn purled from a industrially knit sweater. 250 gr in total.
Needle: 3,5 mm, crochet hook to BO stitches.

This was a fun project with no pressure or fear of failing: the yarn was so awful that it had almost no hope of becoming anything useful. Therefore I decided to overdo it and make something extreme out of it. I think I did quite well... :D

These actually come in handy, because they are really warm (100 % wool). Now I can wear knee-high socks and skirts throughout the winter without freezing my ass off. Yay! ;)"


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sparkly (Summer Lace Cardigan)

Sparkly (Summer Lace Cardigan), originally uploaded by vetaflame.

This is simply gorgeous. My kind of knitting.


"This started out as a pattern from a local yarn store. I changed the yarn, the gauge, the lace pattern, the length (2 inches longer), and the neckline (2 inches higher). I added a lace border to the bottom of the back to fix a pesky row gauge problem. I changed the sleeve cap to make it rounder. And I added lacing all the way up the front (the original had only a single hook closure), to allow for the possibility of wearing it in public. A slim possibility, admittedly.

Pattern: Summer Lace Cardigan, from Common Threads (sort of)

Yarn: Berroco Cotton Twist in Fern. I would not use this yarn again. It is inelastic and splits like crazy. The rayon plies snag on everything. It's a shame, because the colors and shine are gorgeous.

Size: 35 inch finished chest."

Nothing But Blue Skies & Sunshine Knit Scarf for Spring & Summer


Photo note:

"Nothing But Blue Skies & Sunshine Knit Scarf for Spring & Summer

a Tickled Pink Knits design"

Purple Summer Scabbard

Purple Summer Scabbard, originally uploaded by Breibeest.

Nice cable details on this summer sweater. Looks good~

Photo note:

"Pattern: Summer Scabbard (a variation on the Silken Scabbard by Stitch Diva Studios
Size: XL
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, color 493
Needles: 4,5 mm and 4 mm Denise circulars

Knitting this went really quickly - and I love the result! My first knitted Summer top ever!"

Summer Garden Party Knit Napkin Rings - Bamboo and Cotton Blend

Another great idea!

Photo note:

"a Tickled Pink Knits design"

knit 1 summer 2006 g

knit 1 summer 2006 g, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

These are great - and I love the self portrait of Freida in the background.

Knitted Picture Frame

knit 1 summer 2006 f, originally uploaded by knitomatic.

This is a neat idea:

PHoto note:

"knit 1 summer 2006"

Summer knitting qualities

Summer knitting qualities, originally uploaded by sifis.

This calls to me. I love orange and melon. Wow~

Quality yarns for Summer knitting
Cotton merc mashine washable,linen, silk.
In more than 400 colours.The knitters dream

Summer knitting qualities

Summer knitting qualities, originally uploaded by sifis.

This is gorgeous, and reminds me of how I organize my yarn, imagining future projects. . .

Photo note:

"Quality yarns for Summer knitting
Cotton merc mashine washable,linen, silk.
In more than 400 colours.The knitters dream


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