Friday, June 5, 2009

Oldfashioned knit unmentionables

Oldfashioned knit unmentionables, originally uploaded by Vilman.

What fun! Here is the photo note:

"Pattern: Garnstudio's knit shorts with own modifications (knit in stockinette stitch, knit the legs longer, added the lace ruffles and satin ribbons), size L.
Yarn: Some terrible knotty yarn purled from a industrially knit sweater. 250 gr in total.
Needle: 3,5 mm, crochet hook to BO stitches.

This was a fun project with no pressure or fear of failing: the yarn was so awful that it had almost no hope of becoming anything useful. Therefore I decided to overdo it and make something extreme out of it. I think I did quite well... :D

These actually come in handy, because they are really warm (100 % wool). Now I can wear knee-high socks and skirts throughout the winter without freezing my ass off. Yay! ;)"


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