Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sparkly (Summer Lace Cardigan)

Sparkly (Summer Lace Cardigan), originally uploaded by vetaflame.

This is simply gorgeous. My kind of knitting.


"This started out as a pattern from a local yarn store. I changed the yarn, the gauge, the lace pattern, the length (2 inches longer), and the neckline (2 inches higher). I added a lace border to the bottom of the back to fix a pesky row gauge problem. I changed the sleeve cap to make it rounder. And I added lacing all the way up the front (the original had only a single hook closure), to allow for the possibility of wearing it in public. A slim possibility, admittedly.

Pattern: Summer Lace Cardigan, from Common Threads (sort of)

Yarn: Berroco Cotton Twist in Fern. I would not use this yarn again. It is inelastic and splits like crazy. The rayon plies snag on everything. It's a shame, because the colors and shine are gorgeous.

Size: 35 inch finished chest."

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