Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Melon Stitch

Melon Stitch, originally uploaded by mindalee.

Photo note:

"Sea Silk from HandMaiden yarns, one skein. Using the melon stitch pattern from Victorian Lace Today."

Vogue Knitting Flame Stitch Cardigan


Photo note:

"Vogue Knitting Flame Stitch Cardigan

Yarn: Elann's Peruvian Collection Highland Wool, color = 3741 Victorian Violet, less than 1000yds
Needles: Denise Needles #9 & #7
Pattern: Flame Stitch Cardigan #9, Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005, size 37-1/2"
more... "

DSL Tank

DSL Tank, originally uploaded by No Knit Sherlock!.

Love it!

Photo note:

"DSL Tank from Fitted Knits. Knit in the round and through back of stitches.
Split for the neckline, worked back & forth. Continue to work through back of knit stitches (twisted rib) and worked back of purl stitches on wrong side.
Now working on left front ONLY. Remaing stitches are left "live" on the needles."

Knitted Lace Beret

Knitted Lace Beret, originally uploaded by stitchdiva.

I'm in a lace mode right now. And this beret is quite pretty! I'm also in a rhubarb mode, and this color is right on.

Photo note:

"Knitted Lace Beret

Designer Jennifer Hansen has
designed a classic little duo of elegant little hats: one in knit and
one in crochet. Made of pure silk and simple stitches, they are perfect
light toppers for those days when a hat (and maybe even a pop of color)
is needed to finish off an outfit:

Slouchy Crochet Lace Beret:
It only takes 18 rounds to crochet this fast little beanie! Based on an elegant ripple stitch, this slouchy little hat makes a fast evening project.

Feathered Knitted Beanie: Based on one of the simplest classic lace patterns – Feather & Fan, this elegant little beret requires only one skein of yarn.

We offer
Slouchy Lace Berets as a single download pattern, and also as a kit for each design. Purchase the kit, and get the pattern FREE!"


Mikhaela's Fitted Drop-Stitch Lace Tank Side View

Very pretty! Great for this time of year. It looks fabulous~

Here is the photo note:

"My first sweater!

Pattern: Drop-Stitch Lace Tank by Stefanie Japel (from her book Fitted Knits)
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Worsted (Cotton/Tencel blend)
Needles: Size 6, I think
Mods: Modified to knit in the round, did a lot of overenthusiastic shaping to make the waist smaller and bust larger. I made lots of mistakes and at first it was way too tight but it's grown."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Electric Combo Beret and Bag Set

This is slightly out of season, but I can't resist a good beret.

Photo note:

"Electric Combo Beret and Bag set is knit with 480 yards of Cascade 200. Easy to learn cables create undulating waves over the bag and beret—like electricity from one of those static electricity balls you find in a science museum.

The twelve page .pdf pattern contains patterns for an adult-sized hat (circumferences of 14 1/2 or 18 1/2 inches, diameter of 11 1/2 inches) and a matching bag. The pattern is easy to follow and easy to read (size 12 font). The cable patterns are given both chart form and written form. Multiple cables and a quick finish keep interest high.

Pattern is available for $6.50 at ."

Petite Leaves Neck Garland Women Cotton Blend All Season Spring Summer Fiber Jewelry/Fiber Necklace/Lariat in Charcoal Sage

I can totally see this with a white dress.

"Petite Leaves Neck Garland Women Cotton Blend All Season Spring Summer Fiber Jewelry/Fiber Necklace/Lariat in Charcoal Sage"

Click on the photo to see more of this person's work!

Petite Leaves Neck Garland Women Cotton Blend All Season Spring Summer Fiber Jewelry/Fiber Necklace/Lariat in Charcoal Sage

Nice accent!

mosaic of orange tulips

mosaic of orange tulips, originally uploaded by atsjebosma.

Great color ideas for knitting. . .

Photo note, and links:

1. holland, 2. holland, orange, 3. holland, orange 2, 4. holland, tulips

Summer Drawstring Purse

This is great!!!

Photo note:

"Two new purses to crochet from The Crochet Dude! Both are made using two strands of sportweight yarn held together. Make them both in a weekend!! Great for fall and winter too! "

Party Dress Roving

Party Dress Roving, originally uploaded by nuttnbunny.

I'm liking this! I need to start spinning again. . .

Photo note:

"Party Dress

Spunky Club
December 2007
4 oz Superwash Corriedale"

Isadora in her New Handknit Party Dress (3)

This is sweet, too~

Photo note:

"I hand knit this couture party dress for Isadora Reiko from self-patterning wool and nylon sock yarn. She is quite happy with it and wants to go out dancing in her new frock."

Party Dress OD (yarn)

Party Dress OD, originally uploaded by junepot.

Wow - I was looking up party dresses for another blog, and found this yarn. Gorgeous!!!

Photo note:

"Over dyed Party Dress"

Friday, May 22, 2009


Tulip , originally uploaded by salmonbear7.

Time for some good Spring / Summer knitting color ideas! I've been in the garden lately, shooting my plants. Well, capturing them before they wilt, more like!

Here's a gorgeous tulip I got from my aunt. This would make a great vest in cotton. . . with a little hint of green somewhere in the mix.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Telephone pole with knitted cosy and words of peace

Cool! Fun if every telephone pole could be so lucky. . .

Knitting Words

"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."
Elizabeth Zimmermann, 1910-1999

Legend says that a shepherd, on whose farm a Green Pigeon lives in the barn rafters, will have luscious green pastures in which to graze his flock, a prosperous wool crop and healthy, strong newborn lambs. The cooing of the Green Pigeon helps the young lambs stay calm should they stray from the rest of the flock. With wing beating and rafter pacing, they lead the lambs back to the security of the barn area and their mothers.
-- Green Pigeon Wool Company

May every stitch you knit bring you a little closer
to that calm, clear space in the center of your soul.

--- Earth Heart Designs

(How many pepole have touched with their cheeks on this soft yarn skein?)

More can be found at:

Skinny B.tch Knits

A friend of mine has a knitting business. Here's what she tells us about what she does:

"Not everyone who wears your size is shaped exactly like you. If you are hard to fit for any reason, I can create a custom design that looks like it's made for you--because it is.

I work with persons with disabilities, people of all sizes including 1X and beyond, or anyone who's ever been frustrated when something fits here... but not there.

You'll need to provide a list of measurements, allergies and materials preferences. I take climate into account, but also need to know if you run hot or cold. Lifestyle and occasion are also important.

You will be provided with a signed price estimate before I begin, and will never be charged more than 5% over that estimate.

Last but not least is the price: As each piece is individually designed and knit by hand, an average sweater for a size large will run around $300. Specialty stitches and high end yarns can and will up this cost.

If you would like sample swatches of my work, please send your name and address to

About the name: I've been all sizes and shapes throughout my life, and when I was a young girl I was bigger than my classmates. I thought of my slender peers as skinny you-know-whats. I now use that name in the most ironic sense, and hope it brings some humor along with the irony.

I create custom and couture knitwear for the hard-to-fit individual.
Sweaters, hats, scarves, skirts... but no socks or gloves!

I love this sweater, with its 3/4 sleeves, and pretty neckline with the flower detail just off to one side. Of course, the colors are great!

Knitted Plastic Bag

Knitted Plastic Bag, originally uploaded by .m.e.c..

Photo note:

"Knitted Plastic Bag

I made plastic bag yarn and then knitted this up on US10.5."

blogged at MEtC

How to create your own knitted embellished room divider...

What a fun idea! Here's what the knitter/photographer has to say:

"I use all of my leftover felted knitting. I then cut them into petal shapes and on this room divider I glued them on. For the stems, I basically did the exact same thing except I cut long strips from my leftover recycled wool and then rolled them and scrolled them to form the stems. It's fun easy and instant gratification. Hope this helps."

Recycled Black & White T-Shirt Trivets

Cool! I'm all into this.

Photo note:

"These trivets are knit from recycled t-shirts! They're 7.5" x 7.5" x 0.75" thick."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Knit Fall Harvest

Knit Fall Harvest, originally uploaded by saganaga.

Ha! I just posted this photo on my food blog~ I love this image of knitted onions and olives.

Photo note:

"Knitted then felted onion from Knitting Never Felt Better book."


Dordogne Autumn Jacket

Dordogne Autumn Jacket, originally uploaded by marytheknit.

This is so beautiful!


"Hand spun, all natural dyes, own pattern. Lichens, walnut leaves, beetroot, madder, onion skins. Diamonds knitted with central double decrease. No sewing, ends woven in while knitting."


onion skin solar dyed

onion skin solar dyed, originally uploaded by spinswim.etsy.

I also did a lot of natural dyes, often over my handspun yarns. Onion was one I used, as well as lichen and nettle.

Photo note:
"dyed with onion skins in the solar cooker:) "

Giant Onion Bowl

Giant Onion Bowl, originally uploaded by GretchensCreations.

Photo note:

"The Onions go around the entire outside of the bowl. I was inspired by a picture in one of my gardening books. I thought the simple shape and vibrant colors were perfect. Not to mention that I have been waiting to find the right image to needle-felt on this bowl."

Knit Onion

Knit Onion, originally uploaded by saganaga.

Wonderful! I've been busy posting onion images on my blog, Nourishing Words, Beautiful Food, and now I'm in onion-mode.

Photo note:

"Knitting Never Felt Better by Nicky Epstein."

Friday, May 8, 2009

My lovely stack of knitted socks

Great textural shot of these knitted socks of many colors.

Here is the link to this knitter's blog:

"My lovely stack of knitted socks


knit shoulder bag

knit shoulder bag, originally uploaded by Yorktown Road.

Great colors used in this knitted, felted shoulder bag.

Knitted Dishrags

Knitted Dishrags, originally uploaded by anna banana.

These are so pretty! Today's the day I find wonderful, colorful knitting images.

Photo note:

"Here are four colorful dishrags I knitted. The "Warshrag" pattern came from Mason-Dixon Knitting."

Knitting spool boxes

Knitting spool boxes, originally uploaded by moline.

Another great image!

Photo note, and links:

"Knitting spool boxes

1. Klee OVP, 2. Look at what I have found!, 3. Spear OVP -ca.1939, 4. Lucky Find!, 5. Knitting Nancy boxes, 6. Strick Spiel, 7. Nancy or Peter?, 8. TOP NOTCH, 9. Madelon, 10. Vintage Toy Knitting Outfit 1910's, 11. Bobbin knitting set, 12. Big knitting spool outfit, 13. vintage box knitting nancy, 14. knitting spool outfit vintage box, 15. vintage box knitting nancy, 16. Knitting Nancy with Knitting Nancy!

Whilst looking at the spools I found all these lovely boxes and had to make another mosaic. It makes me happy just to look at these boxes"

(Actually, best to click on the photo and access the links to each separate image that way! )

Knitted Purse

This knitted / felted bag looks great~

Photo note:

"Pattern: Meema’s Felted Marsupial Tote by Meema Spadola
Pattern Source: Stitch ‘n Bitch by Debbie Stoller
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Chestnut (1 ball) and Leaf (0.5 balls).
Needles: US15 Denise needles

I made this tote over a year ago and was my second knitting project ever. It really is a great beginners project! It was so easy to make and I always get a compliment on it when I go out with it. I lined it with some striped fabric I got from Hancock's and also attached a metal snap. I have had to trim the fuzz and pills off it several times, and it is probably my most used knit that I have ever made. "


knit kit girls

knit kit girls, originally uploaded by nesting.emily.

I love this image - so colorful and lively.

Here is the note that goes with:

"These are my knit kits all made up before the stitch n' kitsch craft show I just did (wanted to have pics of the show but my camera was acting up). They are like the old fashioned showing kits but they are for knitters and crocheters. They have mini scissors, a little pocket for stitch markers, a measuring tape and a pin flap. They are made so you can just grab one and your project and go. I used 100% wool felt so they are super strong- mine has been taking abuse for 6 months and looks great. I designed them after little Russian nesting dollies- which I love."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Supermodel, originally uploaded by Snutur.


italian wool socks finished

Nice job. Great colors. I love this kind of yarn for making socks. Each one is just slightly different. Best worn with sandals, imo.

Women of the free french ambulance corps take time for knitting near italian front 1944

Another great photo~

Hand Knit Ruffled Seater with Brown Italian Wool Ruffled Skirt

As you can see, I've been looking up knits having something to do with something Italian. This outfit / photo is quite nice. The sweater is beautiful!

Ziggy Darling Darby blue/green3

This is one lucky dog. Great sweater!

Airy Scarf in Fleece Artist Italian Silk

SO pretty!

Airy Scarf in Fleece Artist Italian Silk

I love this photo! Everything about it: the lace knit, the color, and the close-up textural shot. Nice!

An Italian Knitting Lady

An Italian Knitting Lady, originally uploaded by Ferdi's World.


The photographer says:

"Living on nr 2 in Stilo. She did not notice me, but i noticed her."

Recycled bag mat

Recycled bag mat, originally uploaded by Woof Nanny.

Wow--I like all the color!

Photo note:

"Just started this floor mat of recycled bags. Right now I'm just playing around, trying to get comfortable with crochet again (it has been decades since I did this). I've learned that bulges from too heavy weight bags just adds a "folk art" touch (or so I'm telling myself). I went ahead and broke the "rules" and am combining different bag weights. My favorite, surprisingly enough, are the little bags the newspapers come in. After this, I'm going to try a tote using only khaki-colored bags (Cost Plus bags are my favorite ones)."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Late afternoon knitting

Late afternoon knitting, originally uploaded by amyla174.

I love this! I want to be in this room right now. . .

Photo note:

"This post of my doll house afternoon of knitting is really an excuse to link to this wonderful and amazing video you all must see:"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Crazy Knitted Food - my trademark

Photo note:

"Pita, banan, green apple, orange, red apple. All yarn handdyed by me."


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