Monday, May 18, 2009

Skinny B.tch Knits

A friend of mine has a knitting business. Here's what she tells us about what she does:

"Not everyone who wears your size is shaped exactly like you. If you are hard to fit for any reason, I can create a custom design that looks like it's made for you--because it is.

I work with persons with disabilities, people of all sizes including 1X and beyond, or anyone who's ever been frustrated when something fits here... but not there.

You'll need to provide a list of measurements, allergies and materials preferences. I take climate into account, but also need to know if you run hot or cold. Lifestyle and occasion are also important.

You will be provided with a signed price estimate before I begin, and will never be charged more than 5% over that estimate.

Last but not least is the price: As each piece is individually designed and knit by hand, an average sweater for a size large will run around $300. Specialty stitches and high end yarns can and will up this cost.

If you would like sample swatches of my work, please send your name and address to

About the name: I've been all sizes and shapes throughout my life, and when I was a young girl I was bigger than my classmates. I thought of my slender peers as skinny you-know-whats. I now use that name in the most ironic sense, and hope it brings some humor along with the irony.

I create custom and couture knitwear for the hard-to-fit individual.
Sweaters, hats, scarves, skirts... but no socks or gloves!

I love this sweater, with its 3/4 sleeves, and pretty neckline with the flower detail just off to one side. Of course, the colors are great!

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