Friday, May 8, 2009

Knitting spool boxes

Knitting spool boxes, originally uploaded by moline.

Another great image!

Photo note, and links:

"Knitting spool boxes

1. Klee OVP, 2. Look at what I have found!, 3. Spear OVP -ca.1939, 4. Lucky Find!, 5. Knitting Nancy boxes, 6. Strick Spiel, 7. Nancy or Peter?, 8. TOP NOTCH, 9. Madelon, 10. Vintage Toy Knitting Outfit 1910's, 11. Bobbin knitting set, 12. Big knitting spool outfit, 13. vintage box knitting nancy, 14. knitting spool outfit vintage box, 15. vintage box knitting nancy, 16. Knitting Nancy with Knitting Nancy!

Whilst looking at the spools I found all these lovely boxes and had to make another mosaic. It makes me happy just to look at these boxes"

(Actually, best to click on the photo and access the links to each separate image that way! )

1 comment:

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi! just found you today - I see that you enjoy spool knitters, why not join my group on Flickr?
Many of the images shown here in the mosaic are mine, and the little knitting Nancy with her own knitting Nancy is my painting. Have you also seen my blog - - I would love to hear from you, cheers, Marian aka mazcrazyhaberdasher and spoolknitter!


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