Tuesday, September 8, 2009

spare tyre doily

051227 spare tyre doily, originally uploaded by nrrdgrrl.

Okay, I wondered if I would find something like this, and I did! This is just too good to pass up:

"yields a lot of positive reactions (and a few puzzled stares). including a lion's, who was very sure this cover was making eyes at him. he attacked the tyre. had to replace the poor pirelli.

i first tried thatching twine to make a sturdy cover. the unyielding stuff was a disaster. second try much more successful; used jumper yarn and scotchguarded it.

used a couple of doily patterns as a starting point and made the rest up on the go.
circ, 7 mm. 7 skeins of pingouin family knit chunky from lys arthur bales, linden, joburg.

First class! This gets my stamp of approval~

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