Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monorail Sweatered!

whaddup knitta?, originally uploaded by brian glanz.

Went to Bumbershoot yesterday, and had a great time. While I didn't knit, I became curious about anything knitworthy to do with Seattle and/or this festival.

Here are the notes to go with this image:

"whaddup knitta?

superfriends Knitta (http://www.knittaplease.com/ABOUT.html) tagged seattle monorail column 7 with 15 meters of knits donated by their mailing list, seen during our local bumbershoot (http://www.bumbershoot.org/) festival, 2006. the cozy vandals have hit cities, and turned corners of stubborn mouths upward, http://flickr.com/photos/knittaplease/sets/ (flickr).

note: tree branches were shopped out of this shot as discussed here."

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