Saturday, March 14, 2009

Knitting Art - a book by Karen Searle

This looks like a great collection.  Check it out on Amazon to see sample photos from the book. I love seeing this art form taken into new directions.

From Amazon:

"In this colorful collection, Searle profiles 18 contemporary knitters, including herself, who create knitted objects for display as artworks. From garments to freestanding sculpture to gallery and outdoor installations, these works have a bold presence and, in many cases, an overt political or social message. Searle provides an essay of about four pages for each artist explaining the development of the personal style and practices used by each. Full- and half-page photographs of five or six works by each artist make the book particularly appealing. Because few readers are aware of this body of work and considering the book's inherently appealing subject and accessible presentation, this is suitable for public libraries and art collections." -- Library Journal, February 1, 2009 

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