Friday, March 6, 2009

Elementa (illustration and poem)

As it's been awhile since I've posted a poem, here's one that could spark a new knitting creation. . .

Photo note:

Elementa (illustration and poem)

This cover illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator. The title of the book is taken from a poem I wrote about the earth, which focuses on the elementals (fire, earth, water, and air). The frightening guy with the big bronze knives represents one of the elementals of Paracelsus, a gnome I think--certainly not an undine!


I am the earth,
And from my mineral heart
Spring arteries of iron.
Beneath my loamy flesh
There rests a skeleton of stone,
Fed by my fiery blood.

I am a stone—
Heavy as iron and pushing
Into the earth.
I am immovable
While overhead the stars wheel
Toward their doom.

I am iron—
Unyielding, harsh, and cold.
I am born of the stone
To be reborn into innumerable forms
Of utility.

I am a river
And as I quicken towards the sea,
I run under the rusty bridge,
Between banks covered
With rank green growths
Spangled with glittery bits
Of cellophane.

I am the sea—
Quicksilvered union
Of a trillion, trillion drops.
I am broken shining
Into liquid shards,
My myriad faces lambent
With gelid fires.

I am the mist
And I ride above the waters.
I have married air
And left her pregnant
With rain.

I am the wind,
Nursemaid for the air,
And I traverse the earth
With humid clouds transported
In my arms.

I am a fire drunk on the wind—
Ardent beneath the burning stars,
I blaze golden, blue, and orange—
Speaking in tongues,
Dancing alone.

taken from Elementa (Loosey Goosey Press, 2008) by Faith Goble

You can read Luan Gaines' review of Elementa at
and an interview at"

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