Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nuno Felted Batik-like Vest - Sea Side

Gorgeous blues -

Photo note:

"THis vest is handmade by nuno felting technique, out of 100% merino wool, felted into cotton scrim. IT is very light to wear, therefore comfortable with a T-shirt in the a cool summer day or with a jumper in the winter. There are waist line seams in the front and the back to make you more thin!
I think it is pretty to wear it open, but I made a simple belt for you if you feel more comfortable with it.
Length: 25 inches (64cms)
Waist: not more then 38 inches (96 cms)
Hip: not more then 44 inches (112 cms)

You can easily hand wash it any time, but pls. do not leave it in the water for long."

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