Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Bob-B-Q, originally uploaded by rsislandcrafts.

I love these guys -

Photo note:

"You are all cordially invited to a Bob-B-Q !!

Bob (from Mochimochiland) has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with a bar-b-q since the weather in Florida is so gorgeous right now.

He will be celebrating with family and friends this year. His two best buds Little Weed and Big Weed will be joining him for this wonderful day!

Bob is planning on serving steak and grilled veggies. There will also be plenty of snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy!

I decided to crochet Bob in an amigurumi style instead of the suggested knit in the round. I made Little Weed following the actual pattern, but converted it to crochet for Big Weed."

thanksgiving socks

thanksgiving socks 020, originally uploaded by gray la gran.

This photographer says:

"finished "pillars" socks."

Pretty yarn! Love the variegated gold, and the textured openwork detail up the sides of the socks.

Hand knit lace wall hanging


"How cute it this? :P I actually designed and knit these last Winter/early Spring (more colors are on the way). I love the colors for Autumn!

Gorgeous colorway from Lisa/Wabi Sabi Yarns (goooorgeous). :)

I cut a little dowel from balsam wood, and hand tied a super skinny organic cotton ribbon to use as the hanger. I love how these turned out."


Matthew's knitting turkey

Matthew's knitting turkey, originally uploaded by katbaro.

Photo note:

"Strangely enough this picture was shown on The Colbert Report on 12/3/08"

felted bowl 3

felted bowl 3, originally uploaded by knitalatte11.

Photo note:

"voila waiting to be filled"

knitting and felting a bowl for thanksgiving

I love knitted bowls, and did several myself. I use mine for keeping sew-up needles in, and other necessary items.

Photo note:

"step 1 knit a bowl on 4 needles"

Felted Thanksgiving Oven Mitt

Photo note:

"Oven Mitt
Make your own! Find more info here:

Snow Day Crochet 5

Snow Day Crochet 5, originally uploaded by throughtheloops.

This scarf and hat combination is very pretty~

Photo note:

"First Snow of the Year.
Six inches before Thanksgiving!!!
Crochet Hat
Pattern: My Own
Yarn: Main Color STR Medium Weight
Flower Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino

Crochet hats are even faster than knit hats! Good thing, they are fighting over the hats in my house."

fit to be tied

fit to be tied, originally uploaded by hizknits.
This is wonderful, and I can spot Noro yarn a mile away~

Photographer's / knitter's note:

"the brooklyn tweed-inspired scarf with Noro and a green "solid" from Philosopher's Wool (left over from this sweater). Knit over Thanksgiving 2007 in Eugene, OR."

the perfect weekend

the perfect weekend, originally uploaded by wikstenmade.

Photo note:

"the day after thanksgiving. hmmm, what's more perfect than watching a childhood favorite movie with some knitting, a glass of wine, and leftover pie?"

Kenner Blythe Pumpkin Dress

Very sweet - a knitted pumpkin doll dress~

Photographer's note:

"Good For Hallowe'en or Thanksgiving"


sampling, originally uploaded by annamariahorner.

So pretty. These crocheted pieces are so vibrant.

Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner, originally uploaded by rebeccabug.

So, not knitted, but this could be knitted and felted. . .

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Treat Bag

Pumpkin Treat Bag, originally uploaded by plainsight.
Very sweet~

Photo note:

"Bag I made for a beginning crochet class @ Halloween a few years ago. Available in my Ravelry store. The bag is very simple and making the vines and leaves are really fun!"

Pumpkin Halloween Trick or Treat Tote

I am a day late in posting this one, but it never hurts to start early!

Photographer's note:

"A cute, handmade tote bag to make Trick or Treat time this Halloween a fun experience. Black Tote with a pumpkin design"

From Mountainside Crochet

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

I know these are not knitted, but I loved them anyway.


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